For different types of Raymond mills, the difference in performance is due to structural differences, but the specific working principle is similar, and the working principle is the same regardless of the processing of which materials, here is introduced how Raymond Mill works.

For the grinding equipment, the size of the materials that can be processed is relatively small, so the aid of the crushing equipment is required. Raymond mill is no exception. For the production process of the machine, the material is processed by the crushing equipment and then added to be ground by taymond mill, the material after grinding is qualified as the finished product, and the unqualified continuous to be ground , so as to ensure the uniformity of the finished product, which is the general process of the whole grinding production process, due to the variety of Raymond mill models, One of the problems to be aware of when configuring a production line is the matching of models between different devices, so as to ensure smooth production.

Raymond mill

In the interior of Raymond Mill, the working principle is mainly as follows: the crushed material is continuously and uniformly fed into the main unit grinding chamber for grinding. The powder after grinding is taken away by the fan airflow and classified by the classifier. The fine powder will enter the large cyclone collector through the pipeline, and will be separated and collected, and then discharged through the powder tube, which is the finished powder. If the fineness is unqualified, it needs to be circulated until it is qualified.

In the interior of the Raymond mill, the grinding process of the material is mainly carried out in the main unit and requires the assistance of multiple parts, such as the grinding roller、grinding ring and the blade. The function of the blade is to add the material to the middle of grinding roller and grinding ring to grind. These core parts are indispensable for the grinding process, so it is necessary to deal with the possible failures in time to ensure the performance of Raymond mill.

30th Sep 2018