Why 5R4128 raymond mill become star item

5R4128 Raymond mill,5R4128Raymond roller mill ,5R4128Raymond grinding mill is Oringinal designed and produced by Guilin hengda mining machinery co.,ltd. Mr Hu ,our chief engineer and the one of boss designed it after study clients feedback.

5R4128 raymond roller mill basic information:

Accompany 4 roller mill with squirrel cage classifier,belt wheel transimission,high pressure blower ,pipe system,Electric conbinet,buket elevator,Jaw crusher 400×600 or jaw crusher 250×400 with all motor and other component

To be a star item on 2013-2015,5R4128 model has covered the Hezhou city-80% mineral powder manufacturer.This type raymond mill is very stable on performance , get large range size of powder from 80mesh to 500mesh. The capacity is on the range form 5ton per hour to 15ton per hour.The squirrel cage classifier effected the efficiency of the powder passing rate,at least on 95% .The normal type classifier passing rate is 80-90%.

Why 5R4128 raymond roller mill can get higher capacity

a. Cut down a roller ,to be 4 roller working ,large grinding space,less power consumption of the main unit machine,the closed system airflow fly smoothly,

b. Suqirrel cage classifier passing rate reach to more than 95%, recuced the powder recycle rate to the main unit ,improving the efficiency

c. The high pressure blower’s volume stable and contiouns support to the mill every part to ensure the roller mill and classifier match well through the wokring of the whole grinidng system .

d. The basic and most important advanced: Highly praised quality of the roller mill, classifier ,blower and pipe system. How to get the highly stable quality ? Our workers keep working 10 years as one day ,to practice the mature skills.

The above is 5R4128 raymond roller mill hardware,with the hardwave ready , the softwave–our after market team do is key to finished the whole system be to one -Testing and final checking ,then put it into normal processing .

A Smart and senstive afersale engineer can make a raymond mill’s capacity going to a higher steps.With their eyes and hand , the raymond mil capacity raise like a magic shows.

But We have checked the 5R4128 on the workshop to ensure every customer can handle and test it by themselives. The 5R4128 is very easy to maintenance after we do something on the manufacturer.

The last one cannot be igored reason to make the 5R4128 raymond grinding mill so popular on the overseas market is the price,Attractive and humanity.

Writen by Ashely.Tang



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