Vietnam is a country which rich in high-quality calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate is mainly small calcite calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate ore quality in the forefront of the world. At present, Vietnam has more than 40 well-known producers of calcium carbonate powder, with an annual output of about 5 million tons of calcium carbonate powder, of which 70% is exported to Southeast Asia, South Asia and Europe. In order to encourage the export of calcium carbonate deep-processed products, Vietnam has implemented different export tax rates for calcium carbonate ore, powder, and masterbatch, of which ore is 17%, powder is 5%, and masterbatch is 0%.

The overall situation of calcium carbonate in Vietnam

1.Mining resources

The calcium carbonate resources in Vietnam are mainly distributed in the two regions of central Yi’an and northern Yi’an, both are small calcite calcium carbonate, and the quality is relatively close. The small calcite in the Anpei mining area belongs to the middle crystal, porcelain white phase, calcium carbonate content can reach more than 99.5%, the whiteness can easily reach more than 98%, and the masterbatch processed is basically not discolored, especially suitable for PP masterbatch selection; However, the Anpei mining area is located in a remote area in the north. It is difficult to transport by roads and the export freight is relatively high. The small calcite in the Yi’an mining area is a large crystal with a cyan hue. The calcium carbonate content is over 98% and the whiteness is over 97%. It is particularly suitable for the selection of PE masterbatches. The Ngee Ann region is located in central Vietnam and is relatively close to the port. The transportation costs are relatively low.

Ultrafine mill

2.Powder conditions

Vietnam’s calcium carbonate milling equipment mainly consists of ball mill equipment, followed by ring-roll mills, and has a tendency to increase the proportion of use. At present, the particle size of calcium carbonate powder processed in Vietnam is below 2500 mesh. This particle size of calcium carbonate powder is not significantly different from the international level, but it is relatively backward in the subsequent processing of powder, especially the use of grinding aids is basically a blank. The activation treatment is also basically in the stearic acid treatment state, and the coupling agent treatment is rarely used.

Guilin hengda mining machinery Co., Ltd is a professional ultrafine mill manufacturer from China. For calcium carbonate ultrafine mill, HGM series is a good choice, not only for its factory price, but also multiple layers of multiple grinding roller, grinding wheel bracket with a combination of structure, the drive spindle is s multi-angle diamond-shaped structure, crushing power strong, less maintenance, easy demolition, low cost, and the finished product does not turn back.

HGM multi-layer curved roller mill is the ideal equipment for the current dry production of non-metallic mineral powder. Main Unit equipped with built-grading institutions, grading wheel unique structure, grading effect, powder particles concentrated, no large particles of pollution. Grinding ring with a special wear-resistant alloy steel or high chromium manufacturing, life increased by 2-3 times. Main unit base with the overall cast steel structure, high structural strength, shock absorption performance.

HGM ultrafine mill specifications: 

Max feeding size: ≤20mm

Main unit power:132/200KW

Capacity: 0.8-12t/h

Final product size: 3-35μm

Applications: It is applied to the processing of nonmetallic minerals with the water content less than 10% and the Moh’s hardness under6, such as calcium carbonate, talcum, barite, wollastonite, feldspar etc.

11th Apr. 2018