Gypsum powder refers to the natural gypsum, industrial gypsum crushed by mechanical grinding into powder, can be used in building materials, chemicals, desulfurization and other industries.

gypsum grinding mill

Gypsum powder use:

  First, building materials

  1. Gypsum powder is the raw material of gypsum board, light weight, fire shockproof, environmental protection;
  2. Gypsum powder is one of the five major cementitious materials, can adjust the hardening time of cement, clinker grinding process is often added as a raw material;
  3. Production of construction putty powder, used for leveling the wall, painting.

gypsum grinding mill

Second, chemical industry

  1. Production of sulfuric acid, with light cement;
  2. Production of ammonium sulfate, with light calcium carbonate.

  Third, desulfurization

Power plant flue gas desulfurization limestone – gypsum wet FGD, requires a lot of gypsum powder.

Gypsum powder production and processing technology:

The production and processing of gypsum powder requires the integration of crushing and grinding equipment. Guilin Hengda mining machinery specializes in the manufacture and improvement of industrial milling equipment. HD series high efficiency mill is suitable for grinding hundreds of non-inflammable and explosive materials such as limestone, gypsum, bentonite, dolomite, diatomaceous earth and activated carbon. The fineness is adjustable within 80-400.

HD series grinding equipment is the best gypsum grinding mill.

2nd Jan. 2018