Mechanical superfine pulverization is one of the main processing techniques for ultrafine powders. Because of the advantages of new-type equipment, chemical production and expansion of ultra-fine powder, it is of great significance to the development of non-metallic mineral ultrafine powder industry.

In the ultra-fine powder deep processing process, the main equipment is ultra-fine powder preparation equipment and classification equipment. HGM series ultrafine mill is an ultra-fine powder deep processing equipment launched by Guilin Hengda Mining Machinery Co., ltd. It can reach 3-35μm in one-time fineness. It has been successfully applied to deep processing of ultrafine powder of non-metallic minerals, such as ultra-fine heavy calcium carbonate, ultra-fine kaolin, ultra-fine talc and so on.

HGM ultrafine mill

Stable process, high fineness of finished product, low investment cost, high powder extraction rate, low part loss and environmental protection is the six performance advantages of HGM ultrafine mill. It helps aerospace stealth materials, technical application ceramics, absorbing materials, functional fibers, industrial production of high-tech industries such as environmental protection materials and biomedical materials.

Working principles:

Reasonable gap is designed between the grinding roller and shaft pin installed on the grinding roller bracket. When the roller bracket revolving with the main shaft, the grinding roller compresses the grinding ring under the function of centrifugal force and rotates with the shaft pin because of the force of friction. The minerals are quantitatively fed into the dumped material plate of the upper main engine and thrown all around uniformly. Under the force of gravity, they receive multistage impact, extrusion, grinding and then be pulverized. Materials after being ground drop on the following layer dumped material plate and blew by airstream and conveyed into the grading room to be graded by the negative pressure airflow produced by the air blower. Qualified power will enter into the collecting system and become finished products through grading rotor while the coarse powder will drop into the pulverizing room to be pulverized under the function of the centrifugal flow field. The whole vertical type delivery system operates under the full negative pressure and no flying powder phenomenon occurs. It has the advantages of high grinding efficiency, high grading accuracy, high reliability, high clean working environment and small vibration.

8th Nov 2018