Guilin Hengda is a manufacturer specializing in the production of grinding equipment. The main products are raymond mill, ultrafine mill, micro powder grinder and so on.

No matter what the equipment is, its service life can not be said to be 100%, of course, the ultrafine mill, no matter how good the quality of the mill, no one can guarantee that the next second will not malfunction, no matter how comprehensive the maintenance, It is also impossible to completely prevent the invasion of the fault. The quality and maintenance of the equipment are the strong guarantee of ultrafine mill life to a certain extent, good quality, high wear resistance, long equipment use time; operation specifications, regular maintenance, reduce hidden dangers, can also extend the life effect.

Ultrafine mill

In the case of ultrafine mill, the wearing parts like the grinding roller and the grinding ring are most easily consumed, and the application of the ceramic ball needs to be continuously replaced. In addition, special attention should be paid to these main components that are prone to failure. We know that the temperature of the bearing and the lubrication of the bearing are the focus of maintenance and repair of the equipment.

On the other hand, ultrafine mill failure is also the main factor affecting the length of equipment used. There are many types of faults in ultrafine mill. From small to bolts and bearings, as large as the cylinder and the material port, faults may occur. Bolt breakage, bearing breakage, cracking of the whole body and different material openings may affect the ultrafine mill. The unfavorable factors of overall operation. The failure will lead to a reduction in economic income, and will also cause small disadvantages to other parts in the subtle. This is also the main reason why we should try to avoid the failure, so as to prolong the use life of ultrafine mill.

26th Oct 2018