Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral, which is more common in natural calcium carbonate and is widely distributed.

The main component of calcite is CaCO3. The heavy calcium powder after processing and grinding is used for artificial stone, artificial floor tile, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, paint, plastic, composite new calcium plastic, cable, paper, toothpaste, cosmetics, glass. , medicine, paint, ink, cable, power insulation, food, textile, feed, adhesive, sealant, asphalt, building materials, linoleum construction supplies, fireproof ceilings and household chemicals etc as fillers. Therefore, there are good prospects for development of calcite grinding mill.

Ultrafine mill for calcite

In the five major applications of paper, plastics, rubber, cable, paint and coatings, there is still a considerable portion of lightweight calcium carbonate powder. Light calcium powder is widely used as filler and reinforcing agent in rubber, plastic, PVC pipe, profile, paint, paper, paint, sealant, daily necessities, medicine and feed. Due to the complicated production process of light calcium powder and high price, and the production of light calcium powder to pollute the environment, the current commercial development trend is to replace calcareous powder with calcite powder as much as possible.

Equipment recommendation

In the application field of calcite, the fineness is generally required. At this time, the ordinary Raymond mill can not reach its fineness requirement. HGM series ultrafine mill produced by Guilin Hengda Mining Machinery Co., ltd is a new type grinding equipment with optimum structure design developed for the ultrafine powder industry. It is mainly composed by feeding machine, main engine, grader, pulse dust collector, high pressure positive blower, electronic controlled device and other parts.

HGM ultrafine mill specification:

Output size: 600-3000 mesh

Input size: ≤20 mm

Capacity: 0.8-12 t/h

Application: Non-metallic minerals with water content less than 6% and the Moh’s hardness under 6, such as calcium carbonate, talcum, barite, calcite, wollastonite, feldspar etc.

6th Nov 2018