We are no stranger to graphite, the pencil refill is made of it. Scientists have found a big use for graphite recently, they have made graphite into new electronic components, which makes graphite become a potential new generation of nanoscale electronic components.Ultrafine grinding mill

The use of graphite layer sheets to fabricate carbon nanotubes yields can get all of the properties of nanotubes because these properties are formed by the graphite layer and its constraining of electrons, but not by nanotube structures. The graphite layer carbon nanotubes simply roll the graphite layer into a cylindrical structure. The researchers heated the silicon carbide sheet at a high temperature in a vacuum to allow silicon atoms to escape from the surface, leaving a thin layer of graphite on the surface. They used current circuit printing techniques to engrave the graphite layer into a graphite layer circuit with a line width of 80 nanometers. The circuit exhibits high electron mobility and exhibits performance stability at room temperature. They have also used this method to create all-graphite planar FETs and quantum interference devices. Researchers expect that graphite carbon nanotube and graphite layer circuits will have great application potential. It produces more contact surfaces than electronic devices made from a variety of materials. It has the great advantage of using one material to create a system. It not only does not cause resistance and heat on the contact surface, but also can be used to existing microelectronics technology manufactures their systems.

Ultra-fine graphite powder is widely used in electronic components and with the development of the above-mentioned enterprises, the demand for ultra-fine graphite powder will be higher and higher. It is the key to find high-efficiency and energy-saving ultra-fine graphite powder processing equipment. Guilin Hengda’s HGM series ultrafine grinding mill is a hot sale mill which final particle an be 600-3000 mesh, and the capacity can be 0.8-1.2 t/h. More products of Hengda please visit www.hengdamill.com.

13th Aug 2018