Calcium carbonate is widely used in aerated concrete through the ultra-fine powder processing of the mill. The Guilin Hengda HGM series ultrafine mill is the first choice for the processing of calcium carbonate powder.

Calcium carbonate is an important inorganic powder product. It is a white powder, odorless and tasteless. It has both amorphous and crystalline forms. The crystal form can be divided into orthorhombic and hexagonal. It’s hard to dissolve in water, alcohol, soluble in acid, ammonium chloride solution. Due to its wide raw materials, low price, non-toxicity, high whiteness and stable performance, it is widely used as a filler in rubber, plastics, paper, paint, ink, medicine, food, daily chemical and other industries to save masterbatch and increase capacity and cut costs.

Ultrafine mill

Calcium carbonate is generally divided into two types: heavy calcium and light calcium. Light calcium is divided into ordinary light calcium, active calcium and ultra-fine calcium. In particular, the active ultra-fine calcium carbonate has the characteristics of functional fillers, and has obvious advantages in terms of reinforcement, transparency, dispersibility, thixotropy and leveling compared with conventional powder materials, and its toughening and reinforcing effect greatly improves the performance and quality of the products in the relevant industries. At present, the calcium carbonate industry is developing in the direction of specialization, refinement and functionalization.

Calcium carbonate products and aerated concrete bricks belong to two different industries. Both of the production process and the product standards are different. However, product production technology management, follow-up technology research and development, the product advantages are quite complementary. The aerated concrete production utilizes the waste heat and calcined waste residue in the limestone calcination process and the waste water produced in the production process. The nano calcium carbonate is dried to utilize the steam in the aerated concrete production process, and saves the aerated concrete purchased raw materials at the same time.

Ultrafine mill promotes the comprehensive utilization of ultra-fine calcium carbonate. Guilin Hengda is a professional manufacturer of grinding mills, the main products include Raymond mill, ultrafine mill, micro powder grinder etc, welcome to Guilin Hengda to purchase.

17th Aug 2018