As a modern stone powder production equipment, ultra fine mill has been in the chemical, construction, power plants, mining, coal and other important areas has a wide range of applications. There may be some problems and failures when the new equipment in the processing, here are the analysis of the reasons why ultra fine mill main unit vibrate.

1.The material is too hard

There is a strict limit for the materials’ hardness of the ultra fine grinding mill, If work beyond Moh’s hardness 6 will result in reduced production, the drastic main unit vibration,coarse powder etc. Therefore, the hardness of the material must be controlled.

2.The material is too fine

Fine material like powder, there is no material layer so that the grinding roller and grinding ring with a direct friction. The Main unit vibration can be controlled by adjusting the speed of main unit rotation.

low vibration ultra fine powder grinding mill

3.Roller deformation

Long time working leads to changes in the shape of the roller, the roller is not smooth any more, which resulting in high vibration in the process of rolling. Roller should be replaced promptly.

4.The main unitanchor and bolts loose

This phenomenon is very common, when machine under the grinding process ,the vibration makes bolts loose, meanwhile it increased vibration. The machine should be checked promptly and bolts fastened.

5.Uneven feeding

If the mill suddenly appeared too much or too little feeding phenomenon, it will lead to high vibration of the mill. Feeding volume can be controlled by adjusting the GZ feeder.

6.Installation failure

During installation, the center line of the drive section of the main unit is not straight, which leads to the vibration during the rotating. Adjust the center line promptly.

It’s easy to cause mechanical failure due to operational reasons in the use of the process of the new equipment, so the operators should unceasingly learn the principle of mechanical operation, reduce the probability of failure, make sure that the equipment can be safely and efficiently put into production.

Guilin Hengda HGM series low vibration ultra fine powder grinding mill is a new type grinding equipment with optimum structural design developed for the ultrafine powder industry by our company. It has the features of low vibration, convenient maintenance, highly reliable quick-wear part, low operation cost and it is applied to the processing of non-metallic minerals with the water content less than 6% and the Moh’s hardness under 6, such as calcium carbonate, talcum, barite, wollastonite, feldspar etc.