Guide: The different types of limestone grinding mill can be used in the production of different industries to meet different production requirements. Here is the introduction of grinding mill based on the different uses of limestone products.

The limestone grinding mill is a milling equipment specially used to process limestone, but the material that can be processed is not only one type of limestone, and it needs different types of milling equipment when processing material for its different function. This article mainly introduce the types of limestone grinding mill and the use of limestone products.

First of all, limestone has a Mohs hardness of 3, which is a brittle material. After processing, it can be used in the production process of building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry etc. In different industries, different finished product sizes are required, and the final product size can be divided into three types for the processing of the material. The use of limestone and the types of grinding mill required are as follows:

Grinding mill

1.When the size of limestone finished product is between 40 mesh and 150 mesh, it can be used in the production of chemical products such as construction, interior and exterior wall coating, chemical raw material filling, aggravation, paper making, various sealantsetc;

2.When the finished size of limestone is between 150 mesh and 200 mesh, its calcium content is very low, which is generally used for highway asphalt mixing plant;

3.When the size of the limestone finished product is between 250 mesh and 325 mesh, it is mainly used for desulfurization of power plants. The finished product has a high calcium content. It has two standards: one is 250 mesh through 90, and the second is 325. Through the screen 90;

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15th Oct 2018