HGM ultrafine grinding mill can be used to produce ultra-fine titanium dioxide with a fineness of 600 mesh to 3000 mesh, and cast titanium dioxide. The whole set of titanium dioxide powder grinding machine has good environmental performance, saves electricity and labor costs, and the price is reasonable. There are many manufacturers in the titanium dioxide industry ordered to put into production.

1.What is the function of titanium dioxide? The role of pigment grade titanium dioxide in coatings

The coating is a viscous suspension of binders, pigments, fillers, solvents and auxiliaries. It is coated on the surface of the object to form a tough coating film to protect the object.

Ultrafine grinding mill

The pigment in the paint has a certain hiding power, which not only can cover the original color of the surface of the coated object, but also can impart a bright color to the coating film to achieve the beauty and decoration. At the same time, the pigment and the fixing agent are tightly combined and integrated into one body, which can enhance the mechanical strength and adhesion of the coating film, prevent cracks, increase the thickness of the coating film, prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays and moisture, improve the aging resistance of the coating film, and prolong the film service life.

Regardless of solvent-based or water-based paints, if titanium dioxide is used, its effect is not only covering and decorating, but also important to improve the physicochemical properties of the coating, enhance chemical stability, and even improve hiding power, color reduction, and corrosion resistance. It is resistant to light and weather, enhances the mechanical strength and adhesion of the paint film, prevents cracks, prevents the transmission of ultraviolet rays and moisture, and delays aging and prolongs the life of the paint film. At the same time, it can also save materials and increase varieties.

2.Titanium dioxideultrafine grinding mill

Guilin Hengda Titanium Dioxide HGM ultrafine grinding mill, high output, large powder distribution range, can produce 600 mesh ~ 300 mesh titanium dioxide ultrafine powder.

Max feeding size: ≤20mm

Final product size: 3-35μm

Main unit power:132/200KW

Capacity: 0.8-12t/h

Applications: It is applied to the processing of nonmetallic minerals with the water content less than 10% and the Moh’s hardness under6, such as calcium carbonate, talcum, barite, wollastonite, feldspar etc.

31th July 2018