1.The cylinder is deformed

When the raymond mill stops working for a long time, the tight body and part of the material are not discharged, and the cylinder body is deformed under the combined action of the weight of the cylinder itself, the weight of the grinding body and the weight of the material.

2.Poor lubrication

Because the fitting clearance of the newly assembled components is small and the assembly, it is difficult to ensure the average of the matching gaps, the lubricating oil does not easily form an average oil film on the friction surface to prevent wear. Thereby reducing the lubrication efficiency, resulting in abnormal early wear of the machine. Severely, the friction surface of the precision fit will be scratched or bitten, resulting in failure.

Raymond mill

3.Looseness occurs

The newly processed and assembled parts have deviations in geometric shape and fit size. In the initial stage of use, they are easily affected by alternating loads such as impact and vibration, as well as factors such as heat and deformation, and excessive wear, which will lead to the looseness of parts.

Guilin Hengda Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional grinding equipment manufacturer, and HD series high efficiency raymond mill is the hot sell product, here is the features of raymond mill:

1.Reduce the roller and vibrationand improve the production.

2.The increase mechanism of linkage pressure of the rollers, which greatly prolongs the useful life of the equipment and increases the capacity by20% under the same power.

3.With the original roller assembly, the oiling time increased 6 – 15 times, achieve the application of oil once, use for 30-45 days.

4.High efficiency and stability, the ring and roller always contact during processing, the efficiency and stability of the grind are improved.

5.Higher Accuracy powder Classify, without coarseness missing.

6.High efficiency and energy-saving centrifugal blower.

7.Low noise and vibration: with the reasonable set of Collocation of above, the HD series has the advantages of high production, high qualification rate Low noise and vibrationin grinding of the 325-400 meshes.

8.It’s applied to the non-metallic non-flammable non-explosive minerals with water content less than 6% and the Moh’s hardness under 6.

23th July 2018