Raymond mill widely used nowadays with the big demand of the mineral powder market.More and more clients join in this field due to the rapid growth of the powder market demand .Also,the raymond mill low investment and easy operation charaters makes the business long-term growing.

Raymond mill complete plant including Main Unit(Mill body), Classifier, driving system ,Blower, duct system ,Cyclone ,Elevator ,Crusher ect.

The final product size can be sort out as normal powder 80-250mesh ;fine powder 280-600mesh
Hengda mining machinery co.,ltd have own casting foundry and heat treatment workshop,strictly controlled the quality of the mill base, air housing , roller with assembly ,ring,shovel blade ect.

hengda raymond mill

There are lots of our customer said:” Your company’s raymond mill have a big advantage :’ the stable quality especially long time use’.My raymond roller mill has been used over 2years, Changed some rubber of the mill body inside. It still works with the origin roller and ring .”

Hengda Mining machinery Co.,ltd is mainly focus on productin& Chinese market on last decade.In order to faced the intense competitive chanllengs in the future, We’ll go out to meet the overseas clients, Hengda raymond mill will help you project long-term and stable runing ,no worries.

How to decrease the powder making cost to compete with more and more peers? this question was confused the powder production owner a lot. The next paper will tell you.