For the processing of calcite, different processing requires different production lines. For the grinding process of the material, the grinding process is required, and the grinding mill cannot separately process the material, so it is necessary after the assistance of other stages, here is a brief introduction to the stage of grinding process.

The main purpose of calcite is to make heavy calcium powder. The heavy calcium powder can be used as filler in artificial stone, artificial floor tile, paper making, toothpaste, cosmetics, food, textile, daily chemical and other products, which can not only reduce the production cost of various industries, but also improve the function and performance of related products, and the processing of calcite into heavy calcium powder depends on the grinding mill production process.

Grinding mill

The general process of the calcite grinding process is crushing, grinding, grading and powder collecting.

Stage 1, Broken, mined calcite raw material is added to the feeder through a hoist, and then uniformly and continuously added to the crusher by the feeder for crushing;

Stage 2, Grinding, the calcite which is crushed into small particles, in line with the mill feed requirements, it is transported to the grinding mill through the conveyor for grinding, if it does not meet the need to go through the crushing process again;

Stage 3, Grading, the calcite powder after grinding by grinding mill is classified by the classifier, and the fine powder meeting the production requirements enters the loading stage, and it needs grinding again if does not meet the requirements;

Stage 4, After grading and loading, the fine powder meeting the fineness requirement is transported by the pipeline to the finished material area, and is separated and collected by the dust collector, and then uniformly packed by the powder filling tank car;

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9th Oct 2018