In the use of Raymond grinding mill, many users have encountered low powder rate, how to solve this problem?

1.The reasonable setting of the host speed

In the production of Raymond mill, the grinding force mainly comes from the centrifugal force of the grinding roller, so the rotation speed of the main machine directly affects the grinding force. If the main engine speed is low, the powder extraction rate of the equipment will be lower, and the power is insufficient, the transmission belt passes. Loose or severe wear will cause the drive shaft to rotate at a low speed. At this time, the main engine speed can be adjusted, or the belt can be replaced.

2.Adjust the air volume of the fan

The function of the fan is to separate the powder after grinding, so the amount of air volume will affect the condition of the powder and the size of the powder, so it can be improved by adjusting the air volume of the fan. The situation of low powder extraction rate, of course, should be appropriate when adjusting. It should not be too large or too small. If it is too large, it will cause the coarse-grained powder to be sieved into the finished product when it is sieved by the classifier. If it is too small, it will easily appear clogged phenomenon.

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3.Improve the wear resistance of the blade

The role of the blade is to shovel the material and add it to the grinding ring to grind it during the production. Therefore, the blade also has some wear and tear. If the blade is seriously worn, it cannot be used as a shovel. From the role of materials, production can not be carried out at this time, Raymond mill will have a low rate of powder extraction, and the replacement of the blade will inevitably increase the input of production costs, so it is very important to improve the wear resistance of the blade.

4.The lubrication work is essential

In the production of Raymond mill, different parts will be subject to different degrees of wear during production. In order to reduce this wear phenomenon, reasonable lubrication is required. When lubricating, pay attention to timing and ensure the lubrication’s model and cleanliness.

5.Prevent blockage

If there is a phenomenon that the conveying duct is blocked during the production, the powder will not be transported normally, which will cause the powder production to drop or not even powder. At this time, it is necessary to clear the pipeline in time. And in production, it is necessary to prevent blockage by controlling the humidity and viscosity of the material.

6.Ensure sealing

In the production of Raymond mill, the sealing performance will also affect the powder extraction rate. If the sealing performance is not good, the wind pressure inside the mill will change. At this time, it can not function as a separate material as well as cause the phenomenon of dust spillage, which makes the environmental protection performance decline. To do the sealing work, it is necessary to use the locker of the Raymond mill, the return air pipe valve and other valves on the pipeline’  sealing work.

3rd July 2018