Silicon micro powder is a kind of fine powder which is processed by natural quartz or fused silica and silicon ore by crushing, purification, grinding and grading. Silicon micro powder has excellent properties such as good temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, poor thermal conductivity, high insulation, low expansion, stable chemical properties and high hardness. It is widely used in chemical, electronic, integrated circuits, electrical appliances, plastics, coatings, paint, rubber, defense and other fields.

Ultrafine mill

Silicon micro powder can be divided into silicon micro powder for paint coating, silicon micro powder for epoxy floor, silicon micro powder for rubber, silicon micro powder for sealant, silicon micro powder for electronic grade and electrical grade molding compound, and precision ceramic and so on. The raw materials for the production of silicon micro powder are abundant in China, including crystal, translucent and milky white vein quartz, metamorphic quartzite, sedimentary quartz sandstone, and powder quartz. In order to meet the requirements of raw materials for silicon micro powder, some types of siliceous raw materials must be subjected to beneficiation and purification to the quality standards before they can be used to process silicon micro powder.

The silicon micro powder beneficiation and purification process processes the siliceous raw materials through crushing, sieving and grinding to fully dissociate the silica and impurities. In actual production, purification is carried out according to the required quality. Or by flotation, magnetic separation to remove impurities, or by washing and grading to remove impurities, or by acid washing to remove impurities, after drying, as a raw material for silicon micro powder.

In the production process of silicon micro powder, the main equipments are crusher, ultrafine mill, micro powder classifier and so on. The crusher is mainly used to crush large raw materials. The micro powder equipment mainly uses ultrafine mill, which includes raymond mill, micro powder grinder, ultrafine mill etc. Generally, the grinding equipment is selected according to the fineness of the application field. It can produce 80-3000 mesh silicon micro powder.

19th Oct 2018