Raymond mill is made up of different parts. Given the variety of internal parts, we introduce the role of several core parts, mainly bearings, blades, grinding rings grinding rollers and plum holder. For these parts, we not only need to guarantee the quality when we choose, but also need to ensure their maintenance when using.

1.Bearing, which is one of the core parts of the Raymond mill. In production, the part plays the role of transmission and support, which plays an extremely important role in the production of the machine. If the bearing is damaged andthe whole production line will stop, so the quality of the production line needs to be guaranteed in the production, and the reasonable maintenance work is required too.

Raymond mill

2.Blade, in the use of Raymond mill, the role of the blade is to shovel the material and add to the grind between the grinding roller and grindingring, so the quality of the blade is also important, if the blade is damaged, the material cannot be shoveled, and production cannot be carried out at this time.

3.Grinding roller and grinding ring, which inside the Raymond mill, the role of the grinding roller grinding ring is to grind the material, the interaction between the two will crush the material. Generally, materials with high wear resistance are selected to process the two parts.

4.Plum holder, also inside the Raymond mill, the grinding roller is installed on the plum blossom frame, so the damage of the plum blossom frame will also cause the grinding roller can’t work, which is also an important part affecting production.

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9th July 2018