For Raymond mill, in the process of grinding the material, the phenomenon of dust overflow will inevitably occur. This phenomenon has caused great pollution to the environment and does not meet the requirements of environmental protection. Here is an example of the production process of lime powder by the Raymond mill to introduce the method of reducing dust pollution.

Raymond mill

First of all, when there is dust pollution in the production, it is necessary to check whether the two seals of the equipment are closed. The Raymond mill uses a circulating air design. During normal operation, the equipment draws air into the feed port. If the wind is closed, if the damper is closed, the air volume will not be circulated, which will cause the dust to be polluted by the powder feeding. Therefore, in the production, the Raymond powder damper is in the open state.

Secondly, in order to reduce the phenomenon of dust pollution in equipment production, the equipment is equipped with a dust collector. When working, it is necessary to ensure the permeability of the dust collector bag, otherwise it will cause dust pollution. In addition, check the Raymond mill. If the leaking pipe is found, it should be treated in time, because the leaking place is to suck in the wind instead of going out, which is one of the important reasons for dust pollution;

In addition, when the Raymond mill is used for the production of lime powder, the phenomenon of dust pollution will also cause the pollution of lubricating oil and the increase of bearing wear. Therefore, no matter from which aspect, the treatment of dust pollution of the machine is carried out. It is very necessary.

3th Aug 2018