Raymond mill is a large-scale production equipment. When grinding materials, vibration is unavoidable, but it refers to normal vibration, small amplitude, but for severe vibration in production, it needs to be handled in time.

1.The unstable foundation

Raymond mill is installed on the foundation and then produced. If the foundation is unstable, it will cause vibration of the machine, and the foundation is unstable. It is also easy to cause the equipment to fly off the foundation and cause personal safety hazards. Therefore, the casting of the foundation needs to be carried out according to the instructions to ensure its stability.

Raymond mill

2.Loose anchor bolts

The effect of anchor bolts is to fix Raymond mill. If the loosening of the anchor bolts occurs in the production, the vibration of the machine will be caused. Because the machine rotates during the production, the rotation of the motor will cause the main engine to sway. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately for fastening. In addition, it is necessary to tighten and check the anchor bolts before each time the Raymond mill is turned on, which can effectively reduce the vibration of the machine.

3.Uneven wear of the fan blades

Inside the Raymond mill, the fan mainly supplies the wind and separates the ground material. If the fan blade wears unevenly, it will cause the vibration of the fan. At this time, the mill will vibrate and solution is to replace the blade;

4.Wear of the grinding roller and grinding ring

In the interior of the Raymond mill, the grinding of the material is mainly carried out by the cooperation of the grinding roller and grinding ring. If the two wear out, it will cause vibration and noise of the machine. Repair or replace the worn roller and worn ring to restore its performance;

5.The work pressure

Different types of Raymond mills can withstand limited pressure when working. If the pressure can be withstood by the machine, it will be prone to overload and cause vibration and internal parts wear and tear, so to ensure the proper pressure of the machine, it is an important condition to reduce its failure and ensure smooth production.

6th July 2018