Raymond mill production relies on electrical energy to start, so the magnitude of the current value is related to the start-up process of the machine. If the current value meets the start-up requirements, raymond mill can be started smoothly, but if the current value is too small, it cannot be started smoothly. If the current value is too large, the motor may be burnt, so the choice of current value is very important, and it also has a great influence during use. One of them is the rise of the main unit current, and then the reason for this phenomenon is analyzed.

Raymond mill

First, the Raymond mill material is too much, the phenomenon of too much material will cause raymond mill’s workload to increase, so that raymond mill’s energy consumption will increase and the required power increases, then the main unit current will rise, if the material is too much at one time, it is also easy to cause the material in the raymond grinding mill’s chamber to clog, especially when the moisture content of the material is large, the blockage phenomenon will be serious. At this time, the workload of raymond mill main unit increases instantaneously, the current also increases;

Second, if the temperature of the material added to the Raymond mill is too high, it will also cause the main unit current to rise. Because the grinding chamber of raymond mill is sealed, and the temperature of the material being fed is too high, which will increase the temperature inside the grinding chamber. In addition, during the grinding process, the friction between the grinding roller and the grinding ring will generate a certain amount of heat, which will increase the pressure in the grinding chamber, thereby increasing the working load of the main unit and increasing the current;

After introducing the reason for the rise of Raymond mill’s current, let us talk about the solution. According to the cause, the solution to this phenomenon is to control the material and material’s temperature, or to increase the size of the discharge port or open the large air duct valve to reduce the workload of the mainframe and keep the main unit’s current in a normal range.

26th Sep 2018