Do you know why Raymond mill’s grinding roller and the grinding ring collide with each other? What causes it to collide? Guilin Hengda is here for detailed analysis. The following are the results of the combined production experience of Guilin Hengda and the on-site feedback of the installers:

raymond mill

According to Raymond mill design and manufacturing requirements, the grinding roller should be able to swing freely on the star rack The spindle is rotated by the transmission gear and rotated at 130r/min. The centrifugal force generated by the Raymond grinding roller makes the roller close to the roller. The friction ring, the friction generated between the drum and the grinding ring, causes the drum to rotate. In the actual production process, the distribution of materials between the drum and the grinding ring is not uniform, causing the grinding roller to oscillate, causing a rigid collision to the grinding ring, causing Raymond grinding vibration, and the roller processing precision is low, and the roller and the grinding ring are not evenly contacted. Unbalanced quality exacerbates vibration. During the production process, it was found that when the electromagnetic vibrating feeder was added to the grinding machine, the impact sound was small and the Raymond mill vibration was obviously weakened. This further indicates that the contact between the grinding roller and the grinding ring causes a rigid collision due to the small amount of material sent between the blade and the grinding ring, which is the main cause of vibration.

Guilin Hengda HD series raymond mill is a very popular product, here are the features of it:

1.High capacity and low consumption, the output is increased by 20%-30% compared with traditional Raymond machine, impeller type fan is used, which efficiency is higher than straight blade type fan, once oil can be used for 30-45 days;

2.Powder classification accuracy is higher, without coarseness missing, the accuracy is 80-600 mesh, classification efficiency of 99%;

3.Efficient and stable, grinding roller and grinding ring always contact during operation; environmental protection, low vibration, low noise.

6th Sep 2018