Raymond Mill is a commonly used grinding equipment, mainly used for thermal insulation materials of barite, calcite, talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, fluorite, lime, petroleum coke and other chemical raw materials, Mohs hardness of 6-9, humidity less than 6% of non-inflammable and explosive minerals, chemicals, construction and other industries more than 280 kinds of high-preparation materials processing. Raymond grinding mill with many kinds of wear parts , one of which is the spindle,  when the spindle is used, one of the faults is the phenomenon of deformation, what’s the reason?

1、The phenomenon of excessive feed particle size, due to different types of Raymond Mill can handle the size of the material size is limited, if the feed size is too large, it will increase the difficulty of production, and due to feed will Direct contact with the spindle, so if the feed size is large, it will cause the number of collisions with the spindle increases, causing the spindle deformation, the solution to this phenomenon is to control the size of the incoming material;

Raymond mill

2、If Raymond Mill is overloaded for a long time, which will cause the phenomenon of excessive spindle pressure. This phenomenon will make the spindle wear worse, and it will slowly form a deformation situation. When using Raymond Mill, strict controller load should be used to prevent overload phenomenon;

3、The rusting phenomenon of the spindle. If the spindle has a rusting phenomenon, some rust will be mixed with the material when the Raymond mill is running. The fineness of the processed material will drop, and the strength of the spindle will decrease, so when the force is applied, the phenomenon of deformation will easily occur. The solution to this phenomenon is to diligently inspect the equipment and perform rust removal in time for the rusting phenomenon.

4、In the production of Raymond Mill, if metal particles enter the inside of the equipment when feeding, then the collision phenomenon between the metal particles and the spindle can also lead to deformation of the spindle. The solution is to make sure that no impurities enter when feeding.

26th June 2018