The grinding mill is the main equipment for grinding materials. It can process the materials into finer powders for use in industries such as cement, cosmetics, chemicals etc. Since the machine has different types, these different types can fulfill different requirements. The prices of the mills are not the same, but the prices of the mills on the market is not stable, sometime is high but sometimes is low. What causes this phenomenon?

In general, the overall change trend of the price of mills in the market is mainly related to the level of prices, market competition, and policy orientation. Here are the detailed analysis of these three factors:

Raymond mill

First, the price level

When the milling machine is manufactured, it requires human and material resources. No matter if it is human or material, it requires capital investment. When the price is high, whether it is the required human resources or the production material required is more expensive, so the The cost of the machine is relatively high. When the price of the machine is low, when the machine is manufactured, the required human resources and production material prices are relatively low. At this time, the cost of the mill is low, so the price is relatively low. From this analysis, we can see that the price change is one of the important factors that affect the price of the mill;

Second, market competition

In the sales process of the milling machine, if the market competition is intense, manufacturers can only attract customers by lowering the equipment price. At this time, the overall price of the aircraft is relatively low, but when the market competition is small, the supply of the mill is less than the market. Seeking, this time the general rule is that the price is high, so the overall price of milling equipment on the market is high;

Third, policy orientation

China is a socialist country. Its distinctive feature is that the country’s market is subject to macro-control by the country. Therefore, when the market’s weather mark is blown to the machinery industry, the machinery industry is vigorously revived. At this time, the price of related products will rise. Otherwise, the price will decline. The advantage of such regulation and control is that it can avoid the economic crisis caused by inflation and the development of unhealthy roads. Then the price of  grinding mills will not be extreme and will remain at a normal level.

25th June 2018