The development of China’s mill manufacturing industry has experienced two changes. First, product development has changed from imitation to independent innovation. Second, economic operation has changed from extensive to efficient. It is expected that the development trend of the future grinding equipment industry will be toward large-scale, digital intelligent and green energy-saving.

With the continuous development of the powder industry, the application requirements of the Raymond mill also increase. Raymond mill is the main equipment for grinding in the powder industry. In order to meet the requirements of different application fields, it is an inevitable trend to develop “reliability, energy saving, accuracy and automation”.

Raymond mill

1.Energy saving and environmental protectionis more important

In recent years, all walks of life have paid more and more attention to green environmental protection issues. Energy conservation and environmental protection have become the vane of the development of various industries, especially in the Raymond mill industry. The development and manufacture of Raymond Mill should pay more attention to effective and energy-saving research, and improve the manufacturing of key points such as zero pollution, efficiency, low energy consumption and mechanical life. As far as the Raymond mill market is concerned, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment with large processing capacity, high sorting efficiency and low energy consumption will be more popular, and the market demand is more urgent.

2.The automatic control system is more perfect

Raymond Mill will be developed in the direction of high reliability, accuracy, automatic condition monitoring and automatic control. It can adopt measures such as thyristor power supply, AC frequency conversion speed regulation, grease centralized lubrication, shock absorption etc and has equipment for condition monitoring and automatic control of microcomputer. Among them, the high reliability needs to improve the wear resistance of the grinding ring and the lower gland by rationalizing the mechanical principle, and improve the state of the machine under continuous working.

Experts pointed out that automatic condition monitoring and automatic control need to add a high-intelligent electronic control system inside the Raymond mill to automatically control the ingress and egress, grinding and quantification of materials. The automatic control can effectively improve the working efficiency and working accuracy and safety of the Raymond mill. The operator only needs to control the buttons in the operation room, which is convenient and quick.

 3.Grinding accuracy will be improved

For a long time, Raymond mill has made great improvements in the grading system, but most of it stays on the single machine transformation. In many parameters, such as the size of the grinding roller ring, the power of the main engine and the spindle speed, there is little to exceed.

Increasing the accuracy of material grinding requires an increase in the accuracy of the analyzer. This problem has always been a technical difficulty in Raymond Mill’s improvement. Therefore, the grinding precision of Raymond Mill in the future will be the research and development target of related companies and R&D personnel, which will be also the key to determine the future development of Raymond Mill in the mill industry.

7th Aug 2018