Grinding mills are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining and other areas of mineral materials in the grinding process. According to different grinding materials and fineness, Guilin Hengda’s grinding equipment includes HD series raymond mill, HGM series ultrafine grinding mill, MR series micro powder mill and so on. Guilin Hengda has been dedicated to R&D and production of mills more than10 years, providing you with an overall solution for grinding equipment.

raymond mill

Today Guilin Hengda shares with you some of Raymond Mill’s use and maintenance knowledge.

(1) Technical training is necessary for the Raymond Mill operators before the installation so that they can understand the principle and performance of Raymond Mill and be familiar with Raymond Mill operating procedures. During the use of Raymond Mill, specialized personnel should be responsible for the care, and operators must have a certain level of technology.

(2)After Raymond Mill has been used for a period of time, it should be inspected. At the same time, the worn parts such as the grinding roller ring blade should be overhauled and replaced. The connecting bolts and nuts should be carefully checked before and after use to make sure that there is no loosening phenomenon and the lubricating grease is enough.

(3) In order to make Raymond Mill work normally, a “Safety Operation System for Equipment Maintenance” should be established to ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill, and at the same time, repair tools and grease and corresponding accessories are necessary.

(4) When Raymond Mill Roller Device is used for more than 500 hours to replace the grinding roller, the roller bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned. The damaged parts should be replaced in time. The refueling tools can be used manually pump and grease gun .

(5) If you want to turn off the raymond mill, stop the feed at first, and the main machine continues to rotate so that the remaining materials continue to be ground. After about one minute, turn off host motor to stop the grinding work, and then the fan motor and the analyzer motor are stopped.

If you encounter any problems during the raymond mill working, please contact Guilin Hengda. We will send professional engineers to solve problems for you. For details, please contact our online customer service or call us at +8615978021998. Guilin Hengda is at your service.

1st June 2018