Raymond mill processing technology , quality and price are closely related. Take the spindle as an example, after quenching and annealing, in order to enhance the hardness of the spindle surface, the complexity of the processing technology so that the price has risen. Today we know those heat treatment process.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment: A process of improving the internal structure of steel by the method of heating, holding and cooling the steel to obtain the required properties.

Ordinary heat treatment is divided into the following four parts: annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering

Annealing is the metal and alloy parts processed to a certain temperature, to maintain a certain period of time, and then slow cooling of the heat treatment process. The main purpose is to refine the organization, improve performance, reduce hardness, in order to facilitate cutting, improve toughness, stable size

Raymond mill processing technology

Normalizing the workpiece is heated to above 30-50 ℃, after cooling by air cooling. The purpose is to uniformly organize, refine grains and improve machinability.

Quenching steel is heated to a point above the critical temperature 760-860℃, for some time, and then cooled in due course

Tempering refers to a quench hardened steel parts immersed in less than the critical temperature for a period of time, to a certain rate of cooling down, in order to increase the toughness of a material handling. By tempering can eliminate or reduce internal stress, reduce brittleness, improve toughness, to achieve the performance of steel

Raymond mill processing technology has a profound impact on the wear resistance and service life of the parts. The prices of products are often related to the production process of the products. When users make choices, they should not be considered as a single standard but should not be neglected. Guilin Hengda Raymond mill in strict accordance with state manufacturing processes ,equipped , each mill delivered to the hands of users are qualified products, to achieve low vibration, low noise, long-lasting function.