Raymond mill is one of the main equipments in industrial grinding. The production and installation are technically strong and the maintenance cost is high. Therefore, it should be operated according to the relevant design documents and operating specifications, the daily maintenance and regular maintenance should be carried out. In order to avoid problems such as equipment damage.

Guilin Hengda Raymond mill uses high-quality high-manganese steel. The grinding rollers and grinding rings are installed in normal use specifications and daily maintenance, can be used for more than three years. Among them, daily maintenance mainly refers to the simple operation of adding lubricating oil to key parts. Today, we mainly talk about the matters that need to be paid attention to during the operation of the Raymond mill.

Raymond mill

First, check the operation of the equipment: If there is any abnormality in the operation of the equipment, it should be shut down immediately for maintenance, and the production can be continued only after the normal operation of the inspection.

Second, check the surrounding environment: including the workplace and workbench whether there are debris, whether the material is normal, the amount of material is under the load capacity of the equipment. If there are any debris, it should be cleaned in time so as not to affect the quality of the material grinding. The feeding should be carried out in accordance with the standard. Overloading will damage the equipment and even cause the equipment to heat up. Long-term overload work will also cause the grinding roller, grinding ring and bearing aging to accelerate.

Third, to ensure the balance of manpower allocation: Although the automation of Raymond mill is relatively high, it requires less manpower to operate the equipment, also to ensure sufficient manpower to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, once the shortage of personnel is found, it should be reported to the superior in time and request support.

Fourth, the maintenance situation handover: the general manufacturers will carry out regular maintenance and daily maintenance of the equipment, the maintenance and repair situation should be recorded in the handover work, the recipient should also know the maintenance of the equipment in time to ensure the equipment work efficiently.

20th July 2018