The operation and management level of Raymond Mill is directly related to the performance of the mill, which determines the technical and planning indicators such as product quality, powder yield and output.

1.Before starting the Raymond mill, check whether there are iron blocks and other debris in the machine. Check whether the bolts and nuts are loose. In particular, the bolts and nuts in the main machine should be strictly checked,check whether all the inspection doors are closed tightly. For the steering of the good fan and the main engine, the exhaust valve should be in the fully open position.

2.The startup sequence is to turn onthe separator at first, then start the fan, and then start the host. After starting the host, materials should be added immediately, then the large air volume valve should be opened, and the small exhaust valve should be closed as much as possible under the premise that the feed port is not sprayed outside. Adjust the fineness of the finished product.

Raymond mill

3.The series of grinding production line with jaw crusher and hoist. Before starting the machine, check whether the gap of the jaw of the crusher meets the size of the feed size. Adjust the speed of the analyzer to reach the approximate particlesize requirement.

4.Start up in the following order: start the bucket elevator – start the jaw crusher – start the analysis machine after the material is stored in the warehouse – start the blower (empty load start, wait for normal operation and then load) – Start the host, start the electromagnetic vibration feeder at the startup host, and the grinding work starts. The sequence of operations is simply as follows: “Start” hoist – crusher – separator- fan – host- feeder.

5.When turn off, close each machine in the following order: first close the feeder to stop feeding; stop the main machine after about one minute; blow the residual material and stop the blower; then turn off the analyzer. The sequence of shutdown is: feeder-host-blower-analyzer. (Note: After the hoist transports the material to the silo for a certain amount, stop the crusher and then stop the lifting. The storage capacity depends on the demand.)

6.Raymond mill is not allowed to refuel during normal work. To ensure production, if the Raymond mill has abnormal noise in any parts, or the load suddenly increases. It should be stopped immediately to check and eliminate the fault to avoidterribleaccident.

6th Aug 2018