Everyone knows that Raymond Mill is used to grind ores, understanding the behaviors and issues related to the taboos can increase the operating efficiency and service life of Raymond Mill and create maximum value for us.

  1. Prohibit the processing of flammable, explosive, fusible materials;
  2. It is forbidden to process materials with high water content which more than 6%;
  3. It is forbidden to enter the inside of the mill with metal blocks (the iron removal facilities must be considered in the feeding process);
  4. Prohibit starting and parking of materials;
  5. It is prohibited to operate the motor with excess current.
  6. The prohibition of low-voltage operation (low-voltage operation may cause damage to the motor);
  7. It is forbidden to use cable numbers less than the device power (consult professional electrician);
  8. It is forbidden to repair the equipment during operation of the machine;
  9. It is forbidden to enter into oversized materials (maximum feeding size beyond specification limit, generally 0.5-35mm is better);
  10. Prohibit refueling during operation of the machine;
  11. It is forbidden to start and stop without order;
  12. It is forbidden to run the machine with pipes and flanges leaking.
  13. Prohibit the without the use of dust collectors;
  14. It is prohibited to open the bottom of the powder collector;
  15. It is forbidden to use the powder collector as a material tank;
  16. .It is prohibited to use inferior oils.

For raymond mill, Guilin Hengda HD series raymond mill is a good choice for you.

Raymond Mill Specifications :

Max feeding size: ≤35mm

Main motor power:45-315KW

Capacity: 1-60t/h

Final product size: 80-400 mesh

Applications : For non-metallic minerals with a Moh’s hardness of 6-9 and moisture content of 6% or less, it has a high productivity and high grinding power, such as talc, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, , Kaolin, clay, graphite, zircon sand, bentonite and other non-metallic minerals.

22th May 2018