In winter, the temperature is low, diesel and water are easily frozen, and it is difficult to start the machine. At the same time, the wear of the raymond mill and the consumption of fuel increase obviously. Therefore, before the winter, it is necessary to do detailed inspection and maintenance of the raymond mill.

First, make sure the raymond mill is clean

Cleaning the surface of the diesel engine, chassis etc can play the role of decontamination and decontamination. During the cleaning process, it is also possible to find out whether each component is damaged and whether it is leaking, and prepare for the next maintenance.

Raymond mill

Second, the selection and replacement of oil

1.Selection of fuel oil

Diesel is easily waxed at low temperatures, and the viscosity increases, so that the fluidity of diesel is deteriorated and cannot be atomized, resulting in the diesel engine can’t start normally. In order to make the diesel engine work normally and reduce fuel consumption, diesel with lower freezing point should be used. The fuel system should be cleaned during maintenance. Completely clean all filters, replace the filter element of the fuel, drain the water from the oil-water separator and clean it, and check the quality of the oil pump.

2.Replacement of diesel engine oil

The diesel engine should use low-temperature oil with low viscosity. Use high-performance engine oil as much as possible. This engine oil is not only not easily oxidized at high temperatures, but also does not leave deposits, which can greatly extend the life of the diesel engine.

3.Replacement of lubricants and grease

During winter maintenance, replace the gear oil in the transmission, transfer case, differential, and steering gear with the gear oil used in winter, and be careful when cleaning the oil.

Third, the maintenance of parts and components

1.The maintenance of the diesel engine cooling system should check the working status of the thermostat and prevent the diesel engine water temperature from being too low or too high. Remove scale from the water jacket. Must have antifreeze in winter, anti-boiling, anti-corrosion, anti-fouling, long-term antifreeze in summer. Once the tank issiltation, clean it immediately.

2.Check the battery wiring of the battery. Check to adjust the electrolyte density and maintain the starter motor. In winter, you should always charge the battery and maintain the preheating device.

3.The maintenance of the brake system pay attention to whether the brake fluid is sufficient, the quality is worse. Check the oil-water separator and if the dirt switch is working properly.

2nd July 2018