Raymond grinding mill is the key equipment in the milling industry now, with the development of society, Raymond grinding mill is very popular, more and more people to buy Raymond mill, but many people do not know how to install. Although Raymond mill manufacturers can provide with professional diretion, we should also understand Raymond mill installation and debugging about the basic process.

Raymond mill installation

1.Before installation, Raymond mill should be coated with rust-proof paint to prevent the body rustfrom the sun and rain.

2.The transmission equipment base into the pit filled, control the corresponding height, calibrate the plane with a level gauge, while fixing the transmission bolts.

3.Raymond machine installation, under the base of the plane and the connection of cement-based cushion padded items, with a level calibrator to another plane.

4.The position and height of the pipe shall not be arbitrarily changed, and the connection between pipe and pipe shall be sealed and fastened.

Raymond mill

Raymond mill debugging

1.To test the raymond mill under empty load, roller device should be rolling firmly to avoid the impact of grinding roller and grinding ring, the host idling no less than anhour. When the host is running smoothly, the oil temperature in the tank should not exceed 80 degrees;

2.Bloweris the same asthe host, before normal operation also needs a empty load test, to ensure smooth operation, no abnormal noice and vibration. Bearing’s temperature can not exceed 70 degrees;

3.The time of load test can’tless than 8 hours, observe the raymond mill carefully to ensure that there is no abnormal noise, the pipe connection is sealed firmly, no air leakage, and then tighten the bolts after the test, the raymond mill can be put into use.

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12th Jan. 2018