The successful application of raymond mill in fine powder grinding field like artificial stone, in the domestic set off the mill in the production of heat, many domestic grinding equipment production enterprises began to build their own brands. As a domestic well-known grinding system integration suppliers, we produce the raymond mill introduce taiwan vertical mill technology, grinding roller and grinding disc mechanism has been improved and the use of the equipment to produce the finished powder particle shape perfect. It with advanced technology and excellent quality, won the domestic and foreign customers trust and support, will be in fine powder grinding field to exhibit elegant demeanour.

raymond mill

Raymond milling machine has the advantages of simple system, compact layout, functional characteristics is set crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveying in one device, without the need for additional configuration drying equipment selection powder machine, hoist equipment, covers an area of about 50% of the ball mill system, but also to open layout, low construction cost; vertical milling machine of high grinding efficiency, save energy consumption by 30% ~ 40% compared to the grinding roller on the disc to direct rolling ground material, low energy consumption, especially with the increase of the moisture of raw material, the energy-saving effect is more significant, is the enterprises are the key equipment in fine powder grinding.