Calcium carbide slag is one of the high-quality raw materials for cement production, but the composition is more complicated. If the type of grinding mill selected is not suitable, the quality of finished products is difficult to meet the standards of cement production. After continuous testing and exploration, Raymond mill is the suitable choice for the grinding of calcium carbide slag.

Raymond mill

Raymond mill is a vertical structure, which has a small footprint in production, so the required plant construction is small, which can save the cost of plant construction, and the model of the raymond mill is diverse, according to the feed of calcium carbide slag, different models, different production capacities, and different product requirements can be selected for different models. In the processing of carbide slag, Raymond mill also has the following advantages:

1.Raymond mill with high efficiency and low energy consumption. In the process of carbide slag treatment, the processing volume is large, which can increase the production.

2.Raymond mill is a vertical structure, each component is connected to the position, and there are professional maintenance tools, so the maintenance process is relatively simple and convenient.In addition, raymond mill used in the production of high wear resistance, so the failure rate in production is lower, the operating cost is lower.

3.Raymond mill in the grinding of calcium carbide slag, due to good sealing performance, so the dust pollution is small, and raymond mill is equipped with a professional dust removal and muffler, so its environmental performance is better.

18th Sep 2018