Raymond mill stable performance, easy operation, low energy consumption, product size adjustable, widely used in many fields of industry. When the Raymond mill operation, various faults may occur, leading to the decline of equipment performance, affecting the production efficiency. This article share Raymond Mill 8 common fault phenomenon, analyze the reasons, summed up the treatment program.

 Raymond mill

1.No powder or less powder

the reason:

Not equipped with airlock, causing no powder upside down.

Seal air tightness, air leakage, resulting in air into the dust inverted suction.

Classifier and pipe soft joints leak.

Shovel head wear, resulting in less shovel blade or material can not shovel.

Pipeline or pipeline flange joints serious leak.

Pipeline installation is too long, too high, more elbows, resulting in increased pipe       resistance.


Install airlocker.

Check the degree of seal lock.

Reinstall, block the leak.

Check blade wear and replace new blade.

Double-check, found immediately leak at the block.

Piping device should be readjusted according to the general plan, configuration.

2.Powder too coarse or too thin

the reason:

Inappropriate airflow, or analyzer speed is not adjusted properly.


Adjust the speed of the analyzer.

Product is too thick: When adjusting the analyzer can not achieve the desired effect, should be properly shut down the blower into the air duct valve.

The product is too small: Stop the analyzer or remove the analyzer.

Increase blower speed.

3.Main unit frequent downtime, machine temperature rise, the blower current drops.

the reason:

Feed more, the host of powder blocked duct.

Bad exhaust pipe. Circulating wind and friction repeatedly heat the wall, wall wet, powder bonded to the pipe wall, and finally cause pipeline blockage.


Clear air duct powder, reduce the feed.

wind pipe valve open, feed humidity should be controlled at 6% or less.

4.Main unit have noise and vibration

the reason:

Inhomogeneous feeding and less feed.

Host and transmission, the lower centerline is not straight.

Anchor bolts loose.

Thrust bearing assembly, the next off.

Installation due to the middle of the coupling gap, the thrust bearing jacking up.

Material is too hard, big impact.

Fine material like powder, grinding roller, grinding ring between the direct friction, the middle material layer.

Roller distortion


Adjust the feeding amount.

Find the center.

Tighten the anchor bolts.

Check and readjust.

Adjust the coupling clearance as required.

Reduce feed particle size.

Reduce the spindle speed.

Change the grinding roller.

5.Blower vibration

the reason:

Anchor bolts loose.

Bad balance of powder on the leaves.

Blade wear.


Tighten the anchor bolts.

Remove the powder on the leaves.

Replace the leaves.

6.Transmission and Classifier heat up

the reason:

Oil viscosity is high, the screw pump can not hit, the upper part of the transmission lack of oil.

Analysis of counterclockwise operation, the screw pump can not be hit on the oil, the bearing short of oil.


Check the oil grade and viscosity.

Check the analysis machine operating direction.

7.Roller device into the powder

the reason:

Oil off, bearing wear faster.

Long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning.


According to the provisions of time fuel.

Regular cleaning and refueling.

8.Manually pump the oil is not smooth

the reason:

Piston cavity has been cut off around the oil.


Push the upper grease around the piston chamber.

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