Raymond Mill fan structure is an important part of the equipment, for this part of the structure design to effectively avoid fan vibration. In the actual production, if we encounter such problems, we must adopt a professional way to adjust to achieve reasonable maintenance of the equipment.

Raymond Mill’s complete structure is composed of main engine, analyzer (powder separator), pipeline device, blower, finished cyclone separator, jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electronically controlled motor etc. And these parts are all important components of Raymond Mill. Which of these parts will affect the stability of Raymond Mill’s work flow and bring economic losses. This is something that every customer does not want to see, so it is very important that the daily maintenance of the powder mill accessories. Guilin Hengda made a summary of the reasons for Raymond Mill fan vibration:

Raymond mill

(1)When the milling machine is working, the main machine and the separator have not used soft coupling or other couplings, thereby adding shock to the spring and the sealing bag, which aggravates the vibration and noise and causes resonance. Efficient balanced pressurizing springs should be installed, and the roller assembly is linked together through tie rods and horizontally placed springs, so that the radial force generated by them avoids the loss of the spindles and bearings after the bulk materials enter the grinding chamber, thus improving the service life of

(2) The use of a fan for a long time will surely stick to your crushed items, because the fan is rotating at a high speed, and a sticky material will affect the balance. So you have to open the fan and clean the sticky material on the fan blade. Therefore, Raymond Mill has specialized technical guidance on the treatment of fans in the production process, so that the operation of Raymond Mill can be more handy.

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20th June 2018