The classifier is an important part of Raymond Mill and is indispensable for environmentally friendly Raymond mill. The following is an introduction to the Raymond mill environmental protection classifier:

The whole grading device is composed of a gas classifier, a cyclone collector, a pulse dust collector, a high pressure induced draft fan, an electric control cabinet and so on. The air classifier is a forced classifier with a large impeller rotor with secondary air inlet and vertical installation.

Raymond mill

When the Raymond mill is working, the material enters from the lower cylinder under the action of the gravitational pull of the induced draft fan. The primary air is fully mixed with the material, so that the particles are fully dispersed and rise to the classification zone. Due to the high-speed rotation of the graded impeller rotor, the particles are not only influenced by the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the graded impeller but also the centripetal force generated by the gravitational pull of the induced draft fan. When the centrifugal force of the particles is greater than the centripetal force, the coarse particles above the graded diameter are slid to the wall of the cylinder and the stall occurs along the wall surface, and the external secondary air is evenly distributed. The air inlet on the cone enters, and the coarse particles are subjected to a wind screen to separate the fine powder mixed or adhered to the coarse material. The separated coarse material is collected and discharged by the unloading device, and the fine powder below the classifier the powder enters the cyclone collector with the gas-solid two-phase flow, and the fine powder is collected by the cyclone collector, and the purified gas is discharged by the induced draft fan.

27th Aug 2018