Guilin Hengda has summarized the various failures that Raymond Mill has encountered during its use according to the comprehensive R&D production experience and customer feedback, and provides related solutions for your reference:

Common faults 1: No powder or low yield.

Rreasons: (1) The powder locker is not adjusted properly and the seal is not good, resulting in powder sucking. (2) Blade wear terribly, material can not afford shovel.

Solutions: (1) Check and adjust the lock of the powder locker. (2) Replace the blade.

Common fault 2: The finished powder is too thick or too fine.

Reasons: (1) The blades of the analyzer are seriously worn and do not have grading effects. (2) The air volume of the fan is not appropriate.

Solutions: (1) Replace the blades, and properly turn down the air intake of the fan to solve the rough. (2) Too fine should increase the imported air volume.

Raymond mill

Common fault 3: The host current rises, the machine temperature rises, and the fan current drops.

Reasons: (1) Excessive feeding, the air duct is blocked by the powder, the exhaust of the pipeline is not smooth, the circulating current is heated to make the main current, the temperature of the engine increased, and the fan current decreased.

Solutions: (1) reduce the amount of feed, clear air duct powder. (2) Turn up duct valve, the temperature of the incoming material is controlled below 6°C.

Common faults 4: The host is noisy and with large vibrations.

Reasons: (1) The amount of feed is less. The blade is worn badly, the shovel can’t handle the material, and the anchor bolts are loose. (2) The material has a hard impact, or the material-free layer (3) A serious out-of-round deformation.

Solutions: (1) Adjust the feeding amount and replace the new blade. (2) Replace the feed particle size. (3) Replace the grinding roller and grinding ring.

Common fault 5: Fan vibration.

Reasons: (1) Powder or uneven wear on the fan blades . (2) Anchor bolts are loose.

Solutions: (1) Remove the blade powder or replace the blade. (2) Tighten the anchor bolts.

Common fault 6: The transmission and analyzer tank heat up.

Reasons: (1) The oil viscosity is large and the thread pump oil cannot supply oil to the upper bearing

Solutions: (1) Check that the grade and viscosity of the oil meet the requirements. (2) Check the running direction of the analyzer

Common fault 7: Roller device bearing damaged.

Reasons: (1) Lack of oil or damage to the seal ring. (2) Long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning.

Solutions: (1) timely refueling according to the specified time; (2) regular cleaning, replacement of oil seals.

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15th June 2018