Raymond mill automatic slag removal technology do? Today, a customer consultation Raymond machine is able to remove impurities effect, for a not very familiar with the milling technology I really do not know, consult a sales department colleagues learned that the mill can really clear and excretion of debris, the following and We understand what is mine automatic slag discharge device.

First of all, under normal circumstances, Raymond machine does not automatically slag function, industrial milling abrasive materials are ores, hardness can be 0-7 level, so the general material into the mill grinding room will be ground into powder, it does not need Slag removal impurity. However, not all of the materials can be ground, the hardness is too large, can not grind impurities,such as bentonite. in order to protect the purity and quality of the powder and prolong the service life of the mill, it takes some time for the equipment to carry out the slagging removal operation.

Raymond machine

Conventional Raymond mill use:

Raymond machine suitable for grinding raw material humidity less than 6%, the hardness of not more than 7 material grinding, such as quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone, talc, ceramics, marble, dolomite, bauxite, iron ore, Stone, granite, bentonite, coal gangue, coal and other ore materials can be used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining, highway construction, water conservancy and hydropower, agriculture, science and technology in different sectors, according to the type of material, fineness requirements and other properties Reason, you can choose Raymond mill, micro-grinding, German version of the mill, ultra-fine grinding, vertical mill and many different kinds of mill choice. Conventional industrial milling process The mill can be described above, special industries have special requirements for the machine can be customized processing, such as explosion-proof devices, dust removal device, troubleshooting and so on.

Guilin Hengda specialized in the development and production of mill for many years, conventional mill running stable, mature technology, and Hengda’s biggest advantage is that according to the different needs of customers to achieve custom processing. Explosion-proof device is not only the processing of flammable materials such as coal needs, other materials to prevent dust explosion is to play a preventive effect. Hengda mill has introduced the host with automatic slag discharge device can automatically shut down automatically remove the mixed material without grinding impurities such as zinc ash, aluminum ash, calcium hydroxide (lime, calcium ash) and so on. At the same time also agglomeration material depolymerization, break up, decentralized function.

In today’s rapid industrial development environment, the breakthrough of the old bottlenecks in the design of the old, to achieve technological innovation, environmental protection and energy saving, high efficiency and high yield is the future direction of the development of the industry, industrial milling equipment to adapt to a variety of industries involved in the Raymond Mill Equipment performance requirements varied, safety performance, environmental indicators, product quality and fineness are all assessment standards, Guilin Hengda explored in the continuous exploration, to pioneer the concept of walking in the forefront of the industry.

3rd Jan. 2018