Pulse bag filter daily maintenance and precautions can be divided into three issues:excessive dust emissions, dust pressure higher than normal and the short life of the filter bag .

The basic reasons of Pulse bag filter dust excessive emission:

1.The initial surface of the Filter bag is not enough;

2.The Filter bag is damaged;

3.Poorfilter bag assembly. In the pulse bag filter operation, if excessive emissions  and dust collector operating pressure is lower than design, most likely the initial surface powder layer is insufficient, the reason may be the filter bag filter speed is too quick, the filter Bag cleaning cycle is too short, blowing compressed air pressure is too high, reducing dust load and so on.

Pulse bag filter

Research shows that: high filtration rate will lead to high dust emission rate. Excessive gas filtration rate, the initial dust layer will be broken, the impact of dust bags lead to excessive wear and tear. If the frequency of cleaning the filter bag is too high at this time, can easily lead to loose fabric bag, which will make the pulse bag filter emissions exceeded.

When you set the pulse bag filter pulse cleaning cycle, in order, it’s better to set a long time pulse cleaning to ensure the dust collector work under the stable pressure; it’s better to set a short time of cleaning to ensure that the initial dust does not fall off . If the initial dust layer is not enough, you can extend cleaning cycle compensation. If you use pressure differential to control, you can improve the pulse bag filter import and export pressure setting stability.

If the impulse bag filter discharge exceeds the standard just happens after cleaning the filter bag, to check if the compressed air pressure of pulse cleaning is too large.

Dust load reduction may come from the reduction of productivity, or pulse bag filter control system maintenance, adjustment caused. The solution: you can start slowly with light load, or pre-coated dust solution.

11th Jan. 2018