Project Description

China Energy Saving Raymond Mill Low Cost Raymond Milling Machine

Following the industrial pulverizing maket developemnt trends ,HD1720 grinding mill,HD2150 grinding mill with revolutionary and innovative technology,is designed by our Senior engineer who devote great effect to improving the structure and production baced on traditional raymond mill.It is a better choice for the large scale powder-making projects .

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Mill structure

1.Vibration absorption device are available
2.Squirrel-cage Classifier
3.Roller and Ring are made of wear-resistant material
4.Diving sytsem—horizontal reducer
5.Various feeding and conveying system
6.Inverter available


a. The roller and ring is connected without gap, Larger grinding power with lower vibration
b. Independent buffer device of the main unit
c. The main shaft and the sealing of the main machine will not have oil leakage occurs due to spare parts wear and tear, the sealing is not installed on the roller shaft
d. The main machine is designed to two input outlet for feeding evenly and more material
e. New designed for the roller mill ,Outstanding appearance

With the same production per unit , It saves workshop space and investment in Construction

Much higher production
The HD1720 grinding mill is almost same as 4sets GYM9720 mill.Whole the power consumption is 1/3 lower ,the HD2150 grinding mill is almost same as 6 sets GYM9720 mill .This two grinding mill fills the gap in the raymond mill maket in the terms of lagrer size

Easy Maintenance 
The latest designed –Sealing structure and roller assembly maintenance-free ensure it works continuously for over 1000 hours without lubrication ,and the ring can be replaced without removing the roller assembly

Model Roller size (mm) Max.Feeding Size(mm) Speed of Main Mill(r/min) The Final Size(mesh) Capacity(t/h) Main Unit Power(KW) Power of Air Blower(KW) Total weight(ton)
HD1720 Φ510*300 <20 88 80-400 5.5-30 160 132 46-52
Φ600*300 <20 85 80-400 12-40 280 220 58-65