Calcium carbonate is an inorganic compound, commonly known as limestone, which is more common in life. It is one of the important materials in today’s social construction industry. It can be also used as an additive in the food industry. It can be also used in various other fields depending on the fineness. It has a wide range of applications in modern life.

So which areas of calcium carbonate with different fineness can be used? What methods can be used to prepare calcium carbonate in the production process? Let us know:

1.Calcium carbonate production process

Crushing method

The white stone with a CaCO3 content of 90% or more is prepared by a Raymond mill or high-pressure mill through pulverization, classification, separation etc to obtain a finished product meeting the fineness requirement.

Raymond mill

Wet grinding

In order to improve the fineness of the finished product, a wet grinding process can be also used to add a certain amount of dispersing agent to the raw material, thereby improving the grinding efficiency and improving the fineness of the finished product.

 2.Calcium carbonate application field

It can be used as an additive in the food industry, as well as in the paper industry and construction industry; it can be also used as a calcium supplement in the feed industry. Depending on the fineness, the application area will vary:

Within 200 mesh: It can be used in various feed additives.

250-300 mesh: used as raw material for plastics, rubber, paint, waterproof materials, etc. It can be also used for interior and exterior wall painting.

350-400 mesh: It can be used in the chemical industry to manufacture gusset plates and water pipes.

400-600 mesh: It can make toothpaste paste and soap.

800 mesh: can be used to prepare rubber, plastic, cable, pvc and other materials

1250 mesh: pvc, PE, paint, coating grade products, paper primer and white coating

24th Oct 2018