First of all, the grinding roller gap adjustment before the start of the Raymond mill, use the ruler to check the grinding roller clearance, after working , the grinding roller clearance is determined by the grinding condition of the grinding material. Use the scale on the adjustment handwheel as a reference. In addition, the Raymond mill adjusts the pins fixed on the wall panels on both sides to keep the feeding valve parallel to the feeding roller and leave a certain gap. Scraper adjustment When adjusting the blade brush, the grinding roller should be used as the reference. In order to reduce the blade wear, the gravity rod must be moved to the scraper to the maximum extent. The grinding roller is the main component of the raymond mill, it has a high rotation speed during grinding and is subjected to a large pressure. Grinding teeth should be on the surface of the grinding roller to peel off the endosperm on the bran to meet the technical requirements.

HD1720 raymond mill

The surface of the grinding roller should not be uneven, and the grinding teeth should be free from burrs, cracks and intermediate collapse. The top of the grinding tooth should have a certain tooth top plane as required, and the blade tip of the wire should be kept a certain degree of solidity. The grinding teeth, angle, inclination and number of teeth of the wire drawing must meet the technical requirements of the process. When the roller is pulled, the wire drawing machine must not have any jumping and inconsistency in the work. The oil pump of the wire drawing machine should be repaired in time.

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25th July 2018