With the growing demand for the mill on the market , more and more competitors trying to get into the grinding mill industry, We’re facing to maintain the recognition in the increasingly competitive market ,furthermore, improving the Raymond mill quality in the market. We popularize the latest design New designed appearance of hengda Raymond mill to distinguish from our rival.

.Mill cover : Put 8-10 pcs Stiffened ribs to reinforce the shell which is better supporting the classifier to prevent vibration, cracking after mill long time working,at the meantime show a solid shell and beautiful outwards.

.Door: Two round handle switch, easily operated for maintenance

.Input valve: There is single or double valve feed options ,more flexible to adjust the feeding quantity to improve the mill production

.Air housing outlet: It’s made as cylindrical outer ring instead square, easily connect with blower’s pipe, more beautiful

.Buckle plate to connected classifier directly: The buckle plate connected the classifier directly, No need steels to support the classifier , and put some device to prevent vibration.

Through a number of improvements, New designed appearance of hengda Raymond mill is not only in the appearance Dazzling the rapid growth market, but also stands on a higher level of the quality to meet the constant requirements of the clients.


new designed Raymond mill