For the grinding of 400 mesh silica, there are many Raymond mill models that can be used, such as HD-1620, HD-1720, HD-2150, HD-2500 etc. Different Raymond mills have different prices due to their different performances.

For the price of 400 mesh silica Raymond mill, it has a relationship with its specific model. After the model is determined, the quality will affect the price of raymond mill, and different manufacturer will also result in different prices. We mainly introduce the advantages of Guilin Hengda 400 mesh silica Raymond mill.

Raymond mill

First of all, Guilin Hengda is a direct selling manufacturer of mining equipment. Our equipment is self-produced and sold, which reduces many unnecessary links in the middle, so its price is relatively favorable.

Secondly, Guilin Hengda’s silica Raymond mill is not only of various models, but also fully functional, which can meet the needs of different fineness and different production capacity, and our equipment is processed with materials with better wear resistance, and its quality is better.

Once again, Guilin Hengda not only provides high quality and low price silica Raymond mill, but also provides perfect after-sales service to help the installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation of the machine to be better carried out.

Here are the specifications of different models of raymond mill.

HD1620 raymond mill                 HD1720 raymond mill

Capacity: 5-31 TPH                           Capacity: 4-24 TPH

Output size: 80-400 mesh               Output size: 80-400 mesh

Input size: ≤30 mm                          Input size: ≤30 mm

HD2150 raymond mill                HD2500 raymond mill

Capacity: 10-40 TPH                        Capacity: 15-60 TPH

Output size: 80-400 mesh               Output size: 80-400 mesh

Input size: ≤35 mm                           Input size: ≤35 mm

Application: All of the four models of raymond mill can be used to non-metallic minerals, such as feldspar, calcite, limestone, talc, barite, rare earth, marble, phosphate ore, kaolin, bentonite, gypsum, Perlite diatomite, dolomite etc.

19th Sep 2018