MR Series Micron Powder Mill
(325-1500 meshes special grinder)

Type :Mineral ore making
Input size :0-20mm
Final product size : 325-1250mesh (10-23micron)
Processed Material:
Coal fly ash , Tree bark ,Zircon,Feldspar, calcite, limestone, talc, barite, rare earth, marble,phosphate ore, kaolin, bentonite, gypsum, Perlite diatomite, dolomite etc.
Chemical Industry, paint, cosmetics, medicine, food additive,etc.

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Testing Reports
Product Overview

“MR Series Micro Powder Mill is a domestic first products produced according the customer’s requirements on the production of 325-1500 meshes, after 3 year reseach by technical department and experienced practice of one years, it is a new equipment used for processing of the material of coal ash, talc, zirconite”

HD Series Raymond Roller Mill

The application scope of MR Series Micro Powder Mill:
1.chemical engineering, construction materials fields such as Glass rubber pharmaceutical ceramics, Paint phosphate paper and so on, All kinds of Non-flammable and explosive non-metallic Non-flammable and explosive non-metallic materials with Mohs hardness of below 9, and The humidity under 6
2.breakthrough the grind of the hard material, powder material, light gravity like A zorite, talc and skin of trees
3.Can feed fully with powder such as coal fly ash.

Introduction To Complete Machine Structure And Working Process
HD Series Raymond Roller Mill

MR Series Micro Powder Mill system comprises with main machine, classifier, fan, Bucket elevator,  screw feeder, stock bin, crusher, pipe system, pulse collection system, electric control cabinet, Electric machinery etc.
Materials are crushed into material of less than 10mm by the cusher, then transftered to the stock bin, and fed by the belt conveyer with quantify, and then equably send to host for grind. At the same time, High pressure and large flow air fan system and pulverized powder mixed into high concentration air and classifies in the classifier above the host, the powder particle which size does not reach the fineness of finished product powder fall back into the host of machine, the powder particle that reach the finished particle size of powder are blew into the pulse collection system with the airflow, and finally discharge out and form product through the feed pipe, the air of purification flows though the piping system into the fan with which then be discharged into the atmosphere. The whole air supply system is open, the flow system flows under negative pressure. The workshop is environmental protection.

Technical Advantage
HD Series Raymond Roller Mill

1.Wide range of processing materials, so far, MR Series Micro Powder Mill is the special equipment used for processing the mental ores material of 325- 1500 meshes in domestic
2.Low cost of spare parts is less, the cost is about 10% of the ring roll grinders
3.It is easy to maintain, service, replace, repair the vulnerable parts, the time of repair is just half day
4.The Power consumption is low while the produce is high,pollution-free, Efficient pulse dust remove is adopted, and there is no dust pollution during whole processing, and Quieter room is equipped to reduce the noise pollution
5.the quality of the powder is high with concentrated size, and powder being on average, and high content of micro powder

HD Series Raymond Roller Mill

continue test report of the powder:
sample of test: 1250 meshes talc the test unit: central laboratory
X= Partical size (µm)
Y=Cumulative percentage (%)

Model Input size (mm) Final product size (mesh) Main motor(kw) Production (t/h) Total weight (ton) Power



(L X W X H) m

MR-100 10 325-1500 D97 0.5-3.2 15 120 10 X5 X 8
MR-128 10 325-1500 D97 1-6.5 26.5 225 13 X 5 X 8
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