Bentonite, also known as bantalite or swellable rock, is a kind of clay mineral with montmorillonite as its main component. It has a series of properties such as swelling, adsorption, suspension and thixotropy, so it is used in many industries and it is called “universal clay”.

In nature, the bentonite we extracted, the content of montmorillonite is only 50%~80%, or even lower, but bentonite requires more than 90% of montmorillonite in deep processing applications. Therefore, for bentonite purification and modification are extremely important.

For the processing of bentonite, the commonly used physical purification methods mainly include hand-selective purification, dry purification, and wet purification etc.

Raymond mill

Hand-selective purification

It is to manually sort out the large pieces of useless waste rock in the newly mined bentonite coarse ore. It is a method that is both original and widely used in the processing of bentonite washing.

Dry purification

Dry purification is usually used in ore production areas where water resources are scarce. It is an important method for purifying bentonite. However, this method requires 80% or more of montmorillonite in bentonite, and has the advantages of simple process and strong regional adaptability.

Wet purification

Wet purification can be divided into natural sedimentation method, centrifugation method, flocculation method, classification method and electrophoresis physics.

Natural sedimentation

The natural sedimentation method uses water as a separation medium, so it is also called a water washing method. After the bentonite coarse ore is crushed to a particle size of 5 mm, an appropriate amount of water is added and stirred to form a bentonite slurry having a liquid-solid ratio, and the bentonite particles are uniformly dispersed in the aqueous medium. Since the density of the bentonite particles is different from the impurities, it is easier to separated from impurities.

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16th Nov 2018