Guide: In the production process of grinding mill, when there is damage, maintenance is required, and maintenance requires cost input. Is the maintenance cost of grinding mill high?

In the interior of grinding mill, there are many parts to complete the grinding of the material. During the grinding process, some core parts will be subject to greater wear. This wear phenomenon will occur with the production. It will gradually increase, and then there will be damage. In order to ensure the smooth progress of production, maintenance is required, and maintenance requires cost input. Here is to introduce the maintenance cost of grinding mill.

Raymond grinding mill

First, repair time

In the production of grinding mill, no matter which part is damaged, it needs to be repaired, and the maintenance needs to be stopped. This will lead to delay in the production process. The longer the maintenance time is, the lower the average production efficiency is, and more times of the maintenance is, the more maintenance time is required, which will have a greater impact on the production process;

Second, maintenance funds

At the time of maintenance, whether it is repairing the parts of grinding mill or replacing the damaged parts, it is necessary to invest capital. This investment will occupy a part of the cost. For the overall benefit of the customer, it is unfavorable, especially for the maintenance of core parts such as bearings, grinding rings, grinding rollers and blades, which requires more capital investment;

In order to reduce the maintenance cost and ensure the overall profit of grinding mill, it is necessary to reduce the damage in production. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to carry out reasonable maintenance of the internal parts of the machine during the use process to ensure its use life and maintenance measures are lubrication and maintenance.

11th Oct 2018