With the rapid development of our country’s industry, more and more the demand for mining machine , at the mean while, milling industry has also developed to a certain extent. High pressure grinding mill is the most commonly used equipment in the grinding industry.

High pressure grinding mill working principle is mainly used the rolling pressure of the grinding roller and grinding ring in the grinding chamber to grind the material, the process of grinding materials by the roller rotation’s strong rolling force and friction are from grinding roller and grinding ring, so that the material is ground better. Grinding roller and grinding ring are the most important component in the high pressure grinding mill, the grinding roller is mainly driven by the suspension shaft inside the milling machine, while the suspension shaft is driven by a motor-driven suspension shaft bearing to achieve, so the mill roller rotation and suspension shaft of the sliding bearing is linked directly.

high pressure grinding mill

When the high pressure grinding mill is on operation, if the grinding roller rotation is not flexible, you should check the suspension shaft bearing internal abnormalities first, when the gap of the mill ventilation hole is too large, the dust outside will go into the suspension shaft cavity of the high pressure grinding mill, and then fell on the suspension axis of the shaft bearing bath, so that mixing the lubricant and dust in the bearings to form a large amount of sludge and oil, then the quality of the lubricant is destroyed and thus lose a good lubrication, resulting in a higher friction of the mill’s bearing and hinder the flexible rotation of the bearing , slow down the rotation of the roller at the same time, thus affecting the mill to grind materials. If you do not clean it up in time, will lead the mill roll can not work properly. Here is one reason that we talked about can affect the grinding roller’s work, if higher hardness or larger size materials are fed into the grinding roller and the grinding ring when the mill is on operation, there will be a higher abrasion on it, thus increasing the gap between the roller and the grinding ring, so that there is little grinding force on the materials and the efficiency and production of the mill was decreased.

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