The production process of Raymond Mill should be carried out smoothly, not only to ensure the selection of equipment, but also to ensure the standard operation and good maintenance. The maintenance mentioned here includes the lubrication operation, and this operation naturally includes for the lubrication of different internal components, especially the core components of bearings, what are their specific functions?

Raymond mill

Regarding the role of lubrication, we know more about it is to reduce wear. In fact, its role is far more than this. Taking bearings as an example, it can also prevent metal corrosion, prevent foreign matter from invading, it has an effect on seal and take away part of the heat generated by friction to prevents the temperature of the bearing from rising. From these aspects, lubrication plays an important role in the working process of Raymond mill, even the reduction of equipment failure and the extension of the life of the parts.

The important role of the lubrication mentioned above is achieved on the basis of good lubrication. If the lubrication is poor in production, it will cause terrible harm, such as vibration and wear of the bearing, and for example, for production efficiency. influence etc, and poor lubrication is also related to many factors. We analyzed the factors in these aspects, mainly as follows: insufficient lubricant, or the tubing is blocked, or the quality of the lubricant is problematic, or it is not added in time. Or caused by impurities in the lubricating oil, all of these are the important causes of poor lubrication. Only by solving these problems can the raymond mill works normally.

13th Sep 2018